Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Save A Life! CPR

Save a Life! CPR
c- Church
This is an acronym that I have become very familiar with as a missionary and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:)
Before my mission, I knew CPR very differently that I know it now.
When I was 20 years old, I was fresh out of the Emergency Medical Technician course. I was excited and fired up to find a job using my new life saving skills! I applied everywhere and was finally hired on with an ambulance company in Wendover, Nevada, which was two hours away from my home.
I remember my first day on the job. I was in my new, crisp uniform, topped off with a big smile, as I met everyone on shift.
I was taken on a tour of the garage with all the trucks and equipment. Then I was handed my pager, I felt complete and ready to go to work!
After only about 15 minutes on the job, my pager went off.   Rushed with adrenaline, I jumped on the ambulance and we sped off. To my surprise the call was to the fire house a few miles down the street.  As we approached the scene, I saw an older woman lying lifeless in front of the firehouse.  In my mind I thought, “Holy Smokes, she’s dead!”  Well... I knew we weren’t in the business of letting people die but saving their lives, so I jumped out of the ambulance with a pack of medical gear and ran to her side.
She had no pulse and she wasn’t breathing. We instantly started administering CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resussitation), which consists of a certain amount of breaths and chest compressions on a person to help their heart get a rhythm and ultimately get oxygen back into their body.
 We kept doing CPR as we put her in the back of the ambulance and rushed her to the clinic that was nearby.
Finally, after 20-30 minutes, we were able to get a heart rate! She was brought to life again!! It was the coolest thing to witness, a simple procedure like CPR would bring a person, back to life!
I have compared the medical CPR to the spiritual CPR. 
When I go to church, I feel so good. I know that I am where I’m supposed to be and keeping God’s commandments. I love seeing people that I have become friends with, that help me with anything... laugh with me and encourage me to keep doing what’s right. I also love taking the Sacrament, which reminds me of the promises that I made with Heavenly Father when I was baptized.
When I pray, I know Heavenly Father hears me and understands me, I feel peace and His love for me.
When I read the scriptures, I get my prayers answered and I am able to fill my mind with His words. Those words come to my mind when I am faced with a trial throughout the day... which, in turn, brings me peace and hope.
I know that just like the medical CPR, spiritual CPR brings us back to life.  
I feel SOOO happy when I am applying CPR to my life!!